The idea and concept of Crêpeology came into existence on a late Friday night in the summer of 2017 while three college friends were having sushi & beer. One of the friends had just gotten back from a trip to Japan and being that they were eating at a Japanese restaurant, he began to tell them all about his trip and “Japanese Street Crêpes”. As a Joke, he mentioned that they should open a crêpe shop. As the night progressed and the beer started to take effect, the conversation became more serious with notes being taken on phones and imagining how well the concept of FAST crêpes would take off in their college town.


The next day, the idea persisted, and they talked more about it at brunch. The conversation revolved around how fun it would be to do this as a side project on the weekends. The focus was not so much on profitability but on friendship and having the ability to spend time together doing something that was completely out of their comfort zones.


That afternoon, a quick online search yielded some results of used mobile food units—none that were fitted for what they wanted it for. Later that night, one of them with a bout of insomnia jumped back online and found the PERFECT mobile food unit in the east coast. He sent a message to the seller, consulted with the other two and the following week he was on an airplane ready to make the purchase.


Before this, the only experience any of them had in foodservice was being customers. Many people thought they were crazy for even considering it. Before the airplane even touched down on the way back, there was a voicemail of trouble with the transportation of their new food trailer—The transport company left it in rural Virginia at a gas station. Just as they always solved problems together, they figured out a way to get it safely to its intended destination.


Without knowing anything about where to even begin to process the paperwork or even making a Crêpe, they became instant experts and the food trailer was licensed to do business in less than two weeks.


This is where the fun began. One of the friends sold his cool sport SUV and bought a truck to pull the trailer. Together, they came up with a simple menu, bought all the ingredients, became crêpe experts (except one of them that to this day can’t make a crêpe to save his life) and emailed their first customer.


Their first customer was a sorority at their college that hired them to feed 120+ sisters and friends. That was probably one of the most stressful situations that all three of them had encountered in their life. After that event, they knew they had something special and started reaching out to other customers. Every time that they went out with the food trailer, it was a success.


They signed up for the state fair and all took two weeks of vacation from their day job to work their truck. Not only was it fun because of the great chemistry and fun they had together, but the crêpes were a hit with many of the customers asking where their restaurant was.


Not wanting to disappoint their customers with the fact that they only had a food truck, they kept telling them that their restaurant would open soon and that they were just waiting on lease negotiations to conclude—there was no lease or negotiations.


Now with the determination to have a physical location, they sat down for countless dinners and lunches to brainstorm their idea. They called and met and made business plans and against all odds they successfully launched their first (of hopefully many) CRÊPE, JUICE AND COFFEE LAB OF THE FUTURE!